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How We Sculpt Your Body

KoolPhysique™ uses latest technology in Cryolipolysis, Lipo Laser, 40K Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. While older systems used to be housed in separate machines, KoolPhysique™ is a new generation "all-in-one"  device which saves you time and - lots of money. Compare the $3,500 average price tag for surgical liposuction, or the "old" Fat Freezing cost of about $2,500, with our proprietary "Fire & Ice" Cryo|LipoLaser|Cavitation|RF combo protocol at $950. For the same or better results! And with no down-time and no side-effects!

And It's not just a machine! Soft, but strong hands will prepare the treatment area(s) of your body with a skilled, relaxing massage, and, after the Cryolipolysis, with a Manual Lymphatic Drainage to help dissolve the then dead fat cells.

See The Results:


Your Abs Are Back!

Shirt Off At The Beach!

Shorts Fit Again!


As one of the newest body contouring technologies, Cryolipolysis' effects are not temporary. Once an area has been treated, those fat cells are gone for good. Cryolipolysis involves using controlled cooling to destroy fat cells. When fat cells are subjected to temperatures between 23 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit, they crystallize and die off. Over time, these dead fat cells are eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system. The surrounding tissue and skin will be completely un-impacted. Cryolipolysis will not help you with weight loss and therefore is not appropriate if you are obese. Results will vary for each individual, and you may need more than one treatment. We recommend you schedule a free virtual consultation, designed to identify your goals, answer questions you might have, discuss the KoolPhysique™ technology, and draft a treatment plan that will provide you with the exact costs and time frames. 

Your New Strong Jaw Line!

KoolPhysique™ "Fire & Ice" Man Sculpting

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